Probate and Trust Litigation

Following a death in the family, it is not uncommon for heirs and/or beneficiaries to disagree about how probate is handled or how trusts are administered. The assets of the deceased often cause bitter family disputes. Other disputes related to probate and trusts involve businesses. Business co-owners and creditors often wish to assert their rights during the probate administration process.

Horger and Connor, has extensive experience handling wills and other probate and trust litigation. Our staff is prepared to represent your interests, regardless of your connection to the will or trust:

  • A trustee
  • The personal representative
  • A creditor
  • An heir or beneficiary
  • A business partner of the deceased
  • A church or other non-profit named in the will or with an interest in a trust

For information on how Horger and Connor can help you with your probate or trust litigation, please give us at call at (803)531-1700 or contact us here.


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