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Constitutional Law

South Carolina Constitutional Law Attorneys

Constitutional law consists of the legal interpretation and implementation of the United States Constitution.  This area of the law deals with some of the fundamental relationships within our society, which include relationships between the states and the federal government, the three branches (The Executive, Legislature, Judiciary) of the federal government, and the rights (e.g., human rights and civil rights) of the individual in relation to both federal and state government. Click here for more

Personal Injury and Insurance Defense Litigation

South Carolina Personal Injury & Insurance Defense Litigation Attorneys

Horger and Connor, LLC,, has a well earned reputation for quality, successful representation of companies, insurers and their insured. Over the last 20 years the firm has represented a number of companies and most of the major auto insurers as well as the South Carolina Insurance Reserve Fund. Experienced in trial work, the attorneys at Horger and Connor, LLC,, understand this area of the law and how to defend these cases in this part of the country. We understand juries and know how to conduct discovery in order to evaluate a case prior to trial. Our practice is to provide our clients with a realistic picture of the case, as early as possible, in order that a reasonable and timely resolution can be reached. With those cases in which an early resolution is not possible, we prepare and litigate the case aggressively while maintaining a reasonable cost structure. Click here for more

Business and Commercial Representation

As every business owner or manager knows, matters arise on almost a daily basis that require legal advice. The attorneys at Horger and Connor, LLC, understand business and its requirements. Through the years they have represented business clients in hundreds of matters including formation of new entities, collections, personnel matters, mergers and acquisitions, dissolutions, as well as litigation.

Horger and Connor, LLC,, can provide your business with sound, common sense advice and service to help you navigate the legal waters in your company or business’s day to day activities as well as the occasional lawsuit that almost every business eventually encounters. Click here for more

Agricultural Law

South Carolina Agricultural Attorneys

Agriculture is a unique industry in which farmers as well as agricultural based businesses are presented with legal questions, problems, and challenges not faced by other industry. The attorneys at Horger and Connor, LLC, understand these unique challenges and have experience in areas such as property disputes, environmental regulation compliance, permitting, and agricultural employment matters. Click here for more

Military Law || Court Martials

South Carolina Military Law & Court Martial Attorneys

When you’re active duty in the military, your job is your life 24/7. Criminal charges such as domestic violence can have a significant impact on a military career. Family issues, such as the distribution of a military pension in a military divorce proceedings, are better understood by someone with extensive experience with military benefits.

Attorney and US Army Res Lt Colonel Bill Connor has served in the Army twenty years. He understands the effect a legal problem can have on your military career. He also understands the difficulty active military personnel face when trying to respond to legal charges in one state when they may be stationed in another, or deployed overseas. Click here for more

Mediation/Arbitration Services

South Carolina Mediation & Arbitration Services Attorneys

Michael P. Horger has been certified by the South Carolina Supreme Court as a Circuit Court Arbitrator and Mediator since 1995. He has successfully mediated and arbitrated a number of disputes involving most areas of civil law. Mr. Horger’s experiences as a trial attorney provide him with a wealth of knowledge from which to draw when sitting as a mediator or an arbitrator. His availability and rates can be provided upon request. Click here for more

Employment & Labor Law

South Carolina Employment & Labor Law Attorneys

This ever expanding area of the law affects most of us either as an employer or as an employee .Horger and Connor, LLC,, provides representation to employers in most major areas of employment law including state and federal discrimination laws, the Americans With Disabilities Act, The Family Medical Leave Act, retaliatory discharge and breach of contract. Many pitfalls await the unsuspecting employer including employee handbooks, hiring practices, and untrained supervisors. Our firm will help you navigate this dangerous area and stay in compliance through consultation and training. Should a lawsuit arise, we are experienced in defending these cases in state and federal courts. Our representation has included a number of state agencies in South Carolina, as well as large and small employers in the private sector. We will, on a limited basis, also accept the representation of individuals who believe they have been mistreated in the workplace. Click here for more

Real Estate Law

South Carolina Real Estate Attorneys

Attorneys at Horger & Connor represent clients in property transactions and commercial and residential real estate disputes, including buyers, sellers, builders, and developers. As members of a well-established firm, familiar with businesses, administrative agencies, and courts throughout South Carolina, our lawyers are prepared to provide effective counsel and advocacy, protecting the interests of our clients. The attorneys handle transactional disputes including those involving the following factors: Click here for more

Estate Planning

South Carolina Wills and Trusts Attorneys

Horger & Connor provides advice and a variety of estate-planning services for individuals and closely held companies. When drafting a will or trust, our attorneys are sensitive to the impact our services will have on our client's emotional and economic well-being. Horger & Connor has the experience and resources to handle estate planning on behalf of those with large and complex estates, those with special situations, and those with modest estates.

When helping a client create a will or trust fund, we work to achieve a solution that will effectively protect that client's interests to ensure his or her intentions will be carried out. Our attorneys carefully listen, prepare and have extensive attention to detail. Contact our estate-planning attorneys by e-mail or call (803) 531-1700 to speak with one of our attorneys. Click here for more

Probate and Trust Litigation

South Carolina Probate & Trust Litigation Attorneys

Following a death in the family, it is not uncommon for heirs and/or beneficiaries to disagree about how probate is handled or how trusts are administered. The assets of the deceased often cause bitter family disputes. Other disputes related to probate and trusts involve businesses. Business co-owners and creditors often wish to assert their rights during the probate administration process. Click here for more

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