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When you’re active duty in the military, your job is your life 24/7. Criminal charges such as domestic violence can have a significant impact on a military career. Family issues, such as the distribution of a military pension in a military divorce proceedings, are better understood by someone with extensive experience with military benefits.

Attorney and US Army Res Lt Colonel Bill Connor has served in the Army twenty years. He understands the effect a legal problem can have on your military career. He also understands the difficulty active military personnel face when trying to respond to legal charges in one state when they may be stationed in another, or deployed overseas.

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If you decide to hire a civilian attorney, your military attorney can be a valuable part of your defense team. A civilian-military defense team can bring more diverse legal experience and a broader perspective to the table.

In the military, some rights are diminished - for example, your First Amendment right to free speech and your Fourth Amendment right to be free from unreasonable search and seizure. On the other hand, Article 31(b) of the UCMJ provides you with greater protection than that provided by the Fifth Amendment against being questioned when and if you are suspected of a crime.

At Horger & Connor, we provide legal representation to active duty and retired military personnel and families worldwide. We work with many service members stationed in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Kuwait, and with civilian government contractors working in the Middle East.

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